a trip to the famous cao-dai temple, where you can find the religion unifying the most important eastern religions and the christianism to one religion. As they do beleive, this religion being in evolution will result in the final simple. The temple is near to cambodia.
Elements integrated in the wall of cao dai temple in the triangle you can see the eye of the univers
The temple ground has 9 stairlevels dedicated to the 9 evolution levels of the adepts of cao dai religion you see the central part of the temple
Very colourful colomns
The eye of the univers drawn on the globe representating the univers
One side-part of the temple.

The central part taken from the side. It is not allowed to take fotos being in the central part.
One of the side-doors, a very fine woodwork
Twin towers at the frontside with some elements of the different religions integrated
The side of the temple building about 100 m length
Portail of Entrance to the park of the temple
The Cao dai are praying every day. Here one of the celebrations. The colour of the dresses and also the place they take on the ground are sign of the level in their community.
The procession of entrance to the temple is also organisated in respecting the order of the community National road 22, two women selling chickens
On the way to cao dai in the Tay Ninh district you take the national road 22 and you pass the place where the foto was taken of the burnt girl running out of his village after a napalm-attaque straigt to a foto-reporter. Our bus stopped for one minute of silence.
Rice fields The black lady mountain. All a motorbike caln pull, even two buffalos
On the way to cu chi  
Cu chi tunnels, hundrets of kilometers of tunnels to install a suburbian town for the vietnamese soldiers and their families. They where living there, fighting and transforming all the captured arms and tanks into objects of dayly life and all kinds of war utilities.
Sunset on road 22
sunset on a rice field





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